AURP Launches “Communities Of Innovation 101 On-Demand Education Series” for Building & Growing Research Parks, Innovation Districts & Tech Hubs

New Professional Development Education Product Features Leading Experts and Executives from AURP’s Membership of Research Parks and Innovation Districts

Tucson, AZ, and College Park, MD, February 22, 2023 – AURP – a nonprofit organization representing research parks, innovation districts, technology regions and the firms to support the growth and development of these communities – today announced the launch of its on-demand “Communities of Innovation 101 Education Series” (COI 101), a professional development and education product geared to helping professionals start and grow university-based research parks, innovation districts and tech hubs.

AURP’s new COI 101 product is an on-demand, video-based instruction series designed for those interested in starting and/or growing a university-based research park, innovation district or a tech hub in their region and state. Development of this new product was led by Erin Koshut, AURP President and Executive Director of Cummings Research Park.

“AURP’s Communities of Innovation 101 Education Series marks a major milestone in the way we’re serving our dynamic membership and innovation communities across the country,” said Erin Koshut, AURP President. “Our COI 101 series represents professionals with the highest-levels of experience and expertise in all of the complex facets of building and growing research parks and innovation districts. The launch of our education series is perfectly timed to enable communities to leverage the rapid advances in university-based research and technology in every state and region across the U.S.”

The COI 101 series comprises practical, succinct presentations from experienced research park and innovation district executives. Each video module’s featured presenters, sharing their lessons learned from years of experience, cover the fundamentals of key strategies and tactics critical to plan, build and grow a research park/innovation district/tech hub.

“More than ever research parks and innovation districts represent the central strategy to drive research and technology-focused economic development in nearly every region across the country,” said Vickie Palmer, AURP CEO. “Our COI 101 series aims to help accelerate the formation and growth of more research parks and innovation districts – plus drive related high-wage job creation in regional communities. I’m grateful for Erin Koshut’s leadership on this series’s creation and the experience and commitment shared by our numerous COI 101 presenters demonstrating the advancement of the AURP mission of growing university-based innovation and technology communities in the U.S.”

The COI 101 Education Series currently comprises a set of 15 video presentations (with more under development), featuring the expertise and experience of over 23 speakers, viewable on AURP's COI 101 interactive platform.

The series covers a range of essential topics directly pertinent to starting, building and growing a research park/innovation district/tech hub. A sampling of the series topics include: Working with Universities; Research Park/Innovation District Governance; Finances; Marketing; Government Relations; Economic Impact Evaluation; and it includes a dynamic set of real-time case studies focusing on thriving research parks and innovation districts.

About AURP:
AURP, a non-profit international organization with offices in the Washington, D.C. area at the University of Maryland Discovery District and in Tucson, Arizona, at the University of Arizona Tech Park, focuses on creating communities of innovation and education for research parks, both operating and planned, plus innovation districts, incubators, accelerators and the businesses that support the research park industry. AURP and its global membership promote research, institute-industry relations and innovation districts to foster innovation and to facilitate the transfer of technology from such institutions to the private sector. Learn more:

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