Seeing the value of ALL perspectives and experiences enrich our partnerships and communities of innovation.

Since 1986, AURP has welcomed all communities of innovation, expanding from university-related research parks to include innovation districts, academic medical campuses, community colleges, national and federal laboratories, to the ISS’ first orbiting research park and more.  With diversity in mind and strength in numbers, AURP announces the REGIONAL PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Scholarship Grant.

The REGIONAL PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is designed to support our members in developing relationships, within their regions, with Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), as defined by representative national governments, that could lead to significant partnerships.  To this end, AURP will make scholarships available to applying members to bring potential HBCU and MSI partners to AURP events and meetings.  

Each scholarship subsidy provides:
• For one complimentary program registration, and 
• Underwrites this HBCU/MSI representative’s travel expenses up to $1,500.

Insights to Research Parks (I2RP) – AURP member institutions showcase their unique communities of innovation in an informal, intimate group size; these I2RP meetings are held throughout the year.
Spring Training – this annual executive level program offers in-depth, interactive discussions among peers on CEO level content areas.
BIO Health Caucus – this life science focused content is held annually, typically in conjunction with the BIO International Convention.
Air & Space Caucus – our newest program edition includes are aerospace and deep space communities.
Annual Conference – AURP’s annual conference is held annually each fall and is hosted by our member parks, districts and communities, with content area focused on all levels of experience.


AURP members, in good standing, shall submit the following information for committee action no later than 4 months prior to the specified identified event:
• Name of AURP sponsoring institution and representative’s contact information
• Name of the HBCU/MSI Institution and representative’s contact information
• Description of the potential partnership identified plus expected outcomes of this partnership (no more than 300 words)
• Applications should be submitted online: HERE
• Applications will be reviewed monthly by the Member/Sponsor Committee
This scholarship program is managed by the AURP Member/Sponsor Committee. All final decisions are made by the AURP Board of Directors.