Thank You to Everyone Who Came To BIO Health Caucus 2023 in Boston

Keep an eye out for details on our BIO Health Caucus 2024 in San Diego, CA!

2023 Speakers

Peter M. Pellerito
Senior Policy Advisor
Stephen Ezell
Vice President for Global Innovation Policy
Brian Darmody
Chief Strategy Officer
Scott Andes
U.S. Economic Development Administration
 Sara Imhof - PhD
Senior Director of Integration
Focused Initiative Team
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Julie Lenzer
Chief Innovation Officer

Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute

Joy Polefrone
Executive Director
Alliance for Building Better Medicine

Jeff Seymour
Executive Vice President
Economic Development
Erica Monique Vilsaint
Executive Director
BioNetwork and Life Sciences
Economic Development Division
North Carolina Community College System
Donn Rubin
Founding President & CEO
Alex Philippidis
Senior Business Editor
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Rowan Walrath
Life Science Reporter
Boston Business Journal 
David J. Sutton
Executive Director and General Council
Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association
Jeff Talka - AIA, LEED AP 
Science & Technology Consultant
SEFA Lab of Year Judges 
Glennis Mehra
Bio Labs at NYU Langone

Celina Chang
Vice President
Science Operations and Strategic Relations
Lab Central Boston 
John Stanford
Executive Director
Joseph P. Allen
Executive Director
Bayh-Dole Coalition Vice President
Science Operations and Strategic Relations
Lab Central Boston 
Matt McMahon
Ulyana Desiderio 
Life Sciences
Maryland Department of Commerce
Arti Santhanam
Executive Director
Maryland Innovation Initiative

George Thomas
Chief Innovation Officer
Connected DMV

Dr. Shahar Keinan
CEO & Co-Founder
Polaris Quantum Biotech
Gavin O. Jones - PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Quantum Computational Science
Michael Roberts
Chief Scientific Officer
International Space Station
Gavin D'Elia
Business Development Manager 
for Biomedical Applications
Axiom Space
Ken Shields
Senior Director
Business Development
Sierra Space
Dr. Camilla Urbaniak- PhD
Principal Investigator
ZIN Technologies
Jeanne LeClair
Senior Director
Business Development and Workforce Partnerships
Massachusetts Life Sciences

Travis McCready
Head of Life Sciences
Industries Americas, JLL 
Vinit Nijhawan
Managing Director
Mass Ventures
Boston University




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